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Joy of OM offers therapeutic Massage Therapy and life coaching to clients referred by existing clientele.

Existing clients,

Receive a free 60 minute massage when you refer a friend! Upgrade to 90 minutes for only $30!

-Friend must live locally

-Gift Certificate purchase do not apply towards referral rewards

-Referral reward expires 90 days from the date of friend’s first appointment.

-Referral rewards are non-transferable and may only be used by the source of the referral.

Thank you for your referrals! 


  1. a deep feeling or condition of happiness or contentment
  2. something causing such a feeling; a source of happiness
  3. an outward show of pleasure or delight; rejoicing


The whole universe coalesed into a single sound and represents the union of mind, body, and spirit.

Joy of OM provides an adventurous approach to discovering the innermost self and allowing for opportunities for that self to shine through. Using a balanced knowledge of Massage, Yoga, and life, each session is approached with deep intention and energetic focus to assist you in reaching your physical and personal goals.